What Is Mindfulness?

 From my understanding which derives from personal experience, the pressure of living in today’s society is and can be hugely overwhelming, the mind goes into overdrive and the balance between chaos and order can be lost. 

Everything we do is monitored and judged spontaneously. As I continue to grow and reason with the depths of my being, I would like to try and encourage new ways of thinking and adopting mindfulness into every day life. 

I had to ask myself what it would mean to live a responsible life; consider what my life would look like if I were caring for myself properly; what career would challenge me and render me productive, so that I can enjoy the benefits of my passion; what should I be doing when I have free time, to improve my well-being, expand my knowledge and strengthen my mind body and spirit. 

It’s so easy to dismiss the above, but mindfulness is about holding yourself responsible for the quality of your thoughts, words and actions. Peace of mind is extremely desirable – however, easier said than done and mindfulness is one small step towards that. 
To self evaluate is not to judge but to accept. Ask yourself where you are now, why you are here and what to take from it. What plan can you work towards to keep improving? It’s not easy by any stretch of the imagination. However, every single individual whoever you are unquestionably has the power to do so and every one is here for a individual purpose. 

What’s the meaning of life? Who knows? Life is an opportunity to create a meaning and do not ever think of yourself or life as anything less. Yesterday has gone, tomorrow is a promise and now is the only moment we have. 

Despite our circumstances, we should be striving to be the best we can be. Surely we can come to a balance of understanding concerning our own morality and fragility, without the sense of victimhood. 

That nagging voice in our head concerning our choices shouldn’t always be in the driving seat. Do not be afraid to accept your whole being and make a difference to your life and the lives of others experiencing you. 
We all possess a side built upon discernment, understanding and love no matter how deep down you have to dig. With the right intent, we can have more freedom with our experience. With the right care, help and attention we can stand together and make real change in the minds and intents of our generation and more importantly future generations growing up and living on this planet. 

By Cameron Maerevoet

Our Journey

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Me talking ‘stuff’, ranging from topics on consciousness, mindfulness to topics that concern individuals and my understanding of what the benefits are to be able to responsibly self evaluate for the benefit of your growth as a human, start to look at actively choosing and creating intentions built upon discernment and value in the fundamentally fractious chaos of modern day society we can restore some form of balance by taking control of our full selves, mind body and spirit!

Most importantly, live well:)

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As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light of meaning in the darkness of mere being- Carl Jung